Class Descriptions Please check the calendar for the dates of the classes.

Class info:

  • Please purchase class materials prior to the day of your class – we want to maximize our time together.
  • Yarn must be purchased from Knitwitts.
  • Be sure to read through your entire pattern prior to class so that you are familiar with the project
  • Be sure to have your homework done for each class and even if you are anxious to complete your project, we ask that you stay on the same page as the class and not knit ahead so that we are all at the same place for each class. This makes it a lot easier for the instructor to not have to teach to each individual, but to the class as a whole.
  • If you are unable to make a class, 48 hours notification is required. Class fee will be applied to a future class if applicable and/or a makeup class will be arranged.
  • Bring your Knitting Survival Kit (KSK) to each class which should include at least the following: scissors, tape measure, tapestry needle, stitch markers, stitch holders, crochet hook (additional supplies may be needed for your specific class project). Additional items that you may find helpful: pen/pencil, paper, post-its, stitch counter.

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